Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Settings in Marmoset Toolbag for viewing Substances

For the last week I've been messing around a lot with Substance Designer spending most of my time watching videos and reading tutorials. I still have a lot to learn in figuring out how all of the nodes work together so I can get the effect I'm looking for, but the workflow is so much more fun and easier than trying to manage a Photoshop document with dozens of layers.

One issue I haven't really been able to get around is getting my Substance files to look right in Marmoset Toolbag. NicolasW was kind enough to share the setup he uses over on Polycount. For the sake of quickness I'll repost what he said below, but you can check the link above if you want to see his Substance work or want info on how he uses Substance (you really shouldn't miss it).

The setup is pretty simple:

  • I used a custom env map (corsica beach from SD)
  • I put a large bluish area light on the left side to get the highlight
  • Then just make sure you invert the normal Y channel (if you use a directX normal in SD/SP)
  • Invert the roughness to get a glossiness, set it to linear (by setting it to linear, he means uncheck  the sRGB Color Space box under options for that channel –V)
  • Use metallic instead of specular, set it to linear
  • use GGX instead of blinn/phong

Here's a comparison of a herringbone brick texture I'm working on. Substance Designer is on the left and Marmoset Toolbag is on the right. These are really close. The post processing in Toolbag definitely brings the texture out a bit more.

I did discover that if you are using Toolbag 2.06 and you create a new material using the Unreal 4 Template, most of the options above are already preselected. Here's a screenshot to see where to create the material template.

I also found a thread over on Allegorithmic's forums that talks about some of the settings in Marmoset Toolbag and what other people use to display Substances. You can check out that thread here.

I still have a lot to learn with Substance Designer. I don't fully understand what all of the nodes do and I'm having some trouble getting the normals and brick edges to really pop on this texture. It's about 75% there. My next post will most likely be some other Substances I'm working on. I hope this was useful.

Till next time,

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